In what has been a confusing but surprisingly successful album package that has been Diddy – Dirty Money‘s Last Train To Paris comes another push for the album with an upcoming music video for the track “Yesterday” featuring Chris Brown. While the track is technically Diddy – Dirty Money featuring Chris, I don’t think the girls Dawn Richard and Kalenna have any vocals on the track at all. While each music video released by DDM has featured the girls on vocals (even the very miniscule “Someone To Love Me”), but this one has absolutely none–which makes me wonder why it was even included on the album at all if it just a Diddy track.

Going along with this new music video, it is unclear if this actually be the next single or not. While the current single “Coming Home” featuring Skylar Grey (which I thought the point of having Dirty Money was to take care of the female vocals? But Skylar is featured regardless) is still riding high on the charts at #23 and still rising at radio, there seems to be several possibilities for a next single. Music videos for both “Someone To Love Me” and “Ass On The Floor” featuring Swizz Beatz were released, with “Ass On The Floor” becoming a hit on BET’s 106 & Park. And while the Swizz track has been performed on both SNL & Jimmy Kimmel, there is still no word on if it is the new single (which it should be!).

So it seems like at this point we’ll just continue to be confused about what really is going on with Last Train To Paris and Kalenna & Dawn Richard are gearing up for a really awkward music video that may be the next single or may be just another promo video. Take a listen to the track here:

“Yesterday” Diddy – Dirty Money featuring Chris Brown

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