Well here’s nostalgia for ya! A previously unseen music video for the excellent Avril Lavigne track from her 2003 debut album Let Go leaked out to the internet today. “Mobile” was apparently scheduled for a release, but was scrapped most likely to the underperformance of 4th (and also excellent) single “Losing My Grip.”

I remember watching Avril perform this song acoustic along with “Things I’ll Never Say” on Sesssions@AOL in 2003 and loving both ever since. Would have been interesting to see how this song would have done as a single (it did reach #26 in New Zealand).

Take a watch, it’s totally fun to go back and see Avril rocking the wristbands and buttons (both of which I totally wore in 2003…still wear buttons) in the music video. Do you miss this Avril or are you also loving the “What The Hell” Avril as well? Take a watch and have fun!

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