Well in the midst of controversy, it seems that Jazmine Sullivan‘s record label are not forgoing any promotion by being AmazonMP3’s daily deal today by putting her latest “Love Me Back” on sale to download from the site for only $3.99 today!

First, I’ll speak on the album and let you know that this is DEFINITELY worth the cheap, cheap price. The album hits on a ton of different genres from Jazmine’s comfortable genre of R&B (which she’s one of the best in) such as the part 2 to her biggest hit “Bust Your Windows” with a duet with Ne-Yo on “U Get On My Nerves.” She also dives into 80’s pop with “Don’t Make Me Wait,” dipping into some reggae on “Love You Long Time,” getting close to electropop by playing around with some synthesizers on “Good Enough,” to even rapping and singing gospel on the too-real tale told on “Redemption.”

Second off, I’ll just make a quick note on how much I love AmazonMP3. The biggest contender to iTunes, the digital music store works just like iTunes and downloads right to your iTunes program–but for almost guaranteed cheaper! Most of the singles 99 cents, even hits songs! As well, they usually have BIG deals on albums–not just the daily deal. Such as right now you can get the latest albums from Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Sara Bareilles, Nicki Minaj, Black Eyed Peas, Janelle Monae and SO MANY MORE for under $5.00!! It’s the amazing deal people just don’t know about.

If you don’t have an Amazon account yet or just haven’t gone into the digital music store yet, do your ears good by making your first purchase “Love Me Back.”

Click HERE to check out “Love Me Back” by Jazmine Sullivan for only $3.99 on AmazonMP3.

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