Selena Gomez and her non-existent band, I mean officially Selena Gomez and The Scene got the chance to perform their hit “A Year Without Rain” on The People’s Choice Awards tonight. The song is currently just outside the iTunes Top 100 at #105, so this performance should give it a nice boost if all the teenyboppers haven’t already bought their copy yet.

The song (which is probably the best thing a Disney starlet has made since Ashley Tisdale’s “He Said, She Said,” which is more trashy good, than actually good) started off strong enough with The Scene and the big electronic bass and piano lines. Then Selena came, and while she looked absolutely stunning, there was a “technical difficulty” with her microphone. This translates into that Selena can’t sing very well, so we’ll turn down her microphone so that the band and back-up singers are heard better giving the impression she’s great! Well, it didn’t work very well when Selena needed to sing the solo verses, which basically meant the audience could only hear the big (unprofessional) breaths she kept taking.

Regardless of the obvious failed cover-up, this was the best performance I’ve seen of “A Year Without Rain.” When the album of the same name was released, the Disney star and her band performed this track on several TV shows and the performances were less than stellar. But she’s definitely become much more of a comfortable singer and performer and this award show as a great way to show that. Keep it up!

Check out the performance and Selena winning “Favorite Breakout Star” with her band (look! they do exist!) which probably means that because they decided to show up and perform they won the award. Then the great track (that I was originally obsessed with when it first was released) and its music video below the cut:


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