Michelle Williams a.k.a. one of the first artists to work with the likes of Rico Love & Alex Da Kid and dabble into the electronic/Europop genres without any credit had a new song leak out into the internet today.

This song almost was guaranteed to be recorded during the sessions for Michelle’s third album overall, but her first pop album Unexpected. While its clear as to why the very safe and somewhat boring Stargate production (who were responsible for “Take A Bow” a.k.a. as one of the most boring songs on the planet) was left off of Unexpected, its always nice to hear something from the talented Ms. Williams.

Unexpected was one of my favorite albums of 2008 when it was released coming soaked with a ton of great Europop numbers with deeper lyrics than most of the music it sounds like I’ve included my favorites from the album “Hello Heartbreak,” “We Break The Dawn,” “Thank U,” and the title track below the cut. Definitely recommended you take a listen, I bet you wouldn’t have expected it from the former Destiny’s Child member!

Michelle has currently expressed a desire to get back into the recording studio for new music after she took a starring Broadway role, appeared on the British version of Dancing With The Stars called Strictly Come Dancing, and now has her own British radio station. Let’s hope now that she left her label that only focuses on Beyonce World Music Entertainment, she’ll get some deserved success that hopefully Beyonce & her group of minions don’t ruin. Check out the newly leaked song below, as well as the Unexpected tracks after the cut.

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