Sky Ferreira has been setback with her debut album that was supposed to be released on 1-11-11 (Get it? Like the lyrics of her incredible single “One?” What you don’t know it? It was one of my most listened to songs of 2010! Don’t worry I posted the music video at the bottom of this post), but the singer hasn’t been deterred recently announcing she’s “trying to push for an EP” out in February.

No worries about Sky’s career though, her labels have invested too much in her to drop her so quickly. She’ll probably be out with a revamped single and outlook soon enough. But in the meantime, listeners have the chance to listen to the newly leaked “American Dream.”

The tracks takes you into a somber autotuned, violin-accompanied cloud with a build up to a hard hitting chorus (similar to Frankmusik’s latest “Never Hurt You,” which makes sense due to him producing the record). The track includes interesting lyrics about being molded into something uninspired and unattached seen in,

If you prescribed anything / Numb reality, and bring / back to me those melodies / that you always take from me.

You want to make me into your American Dream. / Say what you want, it’s just another part of your mad machine. / Make what you want, who can I blame?  You’re all the same. / Is it just me, sleeping with the enemy?

Pretty good for an 18-year old.

Another interesting piece of Sky’s career leaked out today, an unconfirmed back cover to what would have been her self-titled debut album. The album supposedly included “One” and her far inferior American single “Obsession,” also known as the track Sky hated herself. Take a look at that to the left.

But take a listen to “American Dream” and hope that we get this album from Sky who’s line-up of producers include an impressive and eclectic list including everyone from her “One” producers Bloodshy & Avant to Linda Perry (Christina Aguilera, Pink) and Ryan Tedder (Leona Lewis, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson). As well be SURE to watch her premiere video for “One” (have I said it enough now?) and see Mary Kate Olsen’s other twin below:

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