After just gracing us with the first amazing song of 2011, Raphael Saadiq has given us another gift with his music video for “Radio.” Visually from the video, we can tell that this song is supposed to not only take us back in time but that its also for modern times with scenes in clubs and even a Lady GaGa look-a-like.

While I originally thought this song was about not conforming to radio (“I met this girl named Radio…she wasn’t getting my sound”) but as the video makes more clearer (and after I read the lyrics) its about this girl who is around so much no matter what you do; just like how the radio is everywhere. Well now with iPods, Pandora, XM, YouTube, podcasts, audiobooks, and the constant advice from interviews Christina Aguilera has done* swirling in and out of ears, maybe the radio was only always around back in the day…which is perfect because this song is so old school! So not only did Raphael make a sonically amazing song, but its subject matter relates to its actual arrangement. I love music that takes it to next dimension. Radio” is perfect for Multidimensional Music!

Check out the video exclusively at Rolling Stone HERE!

*This may relate only to me.

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