Similar to Keri Hilson’s recent makeover of her current single, Katy Perry performed an stripped back, acoustic countryfied version her #1 single “Firework.” While giving about 100 middle school impressions she was going to change their lives by touching their hands, Katy let the performance build from almost whispered performance to going back to the powerful vocals needed to perform the track.

Yet the performance ultimately showed that Katy needs to work on laid back vocals, by sometimes barely making certain words understandable since she could barely get them out. And whiles it gotten better in this era, Katy’s awkward stage presence took a turn back to her debut days by her basically singing the entire song hunched over staring at fans usually for too long. She did have some nice harmonies at one point, giving it a cool country spin that should impress listeners if they’re sick of hearing this song over and over at radio.

Props for effort though…she’s just got to work on the laidback delivery if she’s going to do these types of performances. She’s been nailing the full out version of “Firework” lately, so if she’s going to try something new she has to be ready. Give me your take below:

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