In case you hadn’t heard the (devastating) news, the Pussycat Dolls broke up. While some members have faded in oblivion, some have continued the music route, but none have had a more interesting post-PCD story than Kimberly Wyatt. The doll, who was never featured much for her singing and was the group’s star dancer, did not let the sour breakup of the group misguide her. She ended up releasing several solo songs on the downlow, scored a feature with Aggro Santos on their Top 5 UK hit “Candy,” landed a spot as a judge on British reality dance show Got To Dance, and is about to take her role as a judge on another reality dance show, Paula Abdul’s upcoming Live To Dance.

Amongst all that excitement, Kimberly recorded an entire album with Jupiter Rising member Spencer Nezey for a project they call Her Majesty & The Wolves.

After the buzz single “Glaciers,” the duo decided their first single entitled “Stars In Your Eyes,” and just had their chance to perform the single for the first time on morning show Lorraine.

All the duo came with was themselves and two DJs in the background, the performance was still very solid. While I was expecting a lot more dancing from Kim, I suppose you can’t really expect all that much on a morning show titled “Lorraine.” I’m hoping that HM&TW get the chance to perform on a big platform so that there can be big dancing, costumes, and lights–the song begs for it!–but this will do for now.

Yet among the duo’s somewhat awkward leaning on each other, the performance proved to show Kim actually has some very strong vocals, sounding a little soulful during some verses and even pulling off a big note at the end–watch your back Nicole!

At the end of the day, its just great that the independent Her Majesty & The Wolves were able to get a spot on a morning show, and hopefully this will lead to better performances now that they’ve got their first performance jitters out. Take a watch below:

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