Well, here we go! Britney Spears took to her Twitter account to unveil the single cover art for her new single “Hold It Against Me.” Nice picture, but cheap fonts…especially the one of her name, but I have a feeling it will look better if its used on the album.

Like I reported earlier on my post about VEVO LIFT/social networking in music, the actual single will be premiered after 2 million fans get the message out via a Facebook application kicking off on January 10th (smart move by making it a Monday so that once the single is unlocked and let loose, Jive can release it on iTunes along with the other new music on Tuesday…actually I bet its been scheduled for that Tuesday for awhile now, they’re just getting an extra push of 2 million fans! Smart, smart move.) As long as the song doesn’t leak before Monday, and I’m assuming it wont because its probably locked away in a vault that Brit doesn’t even know the combination to, the 2 million fans will be easily obtained for the single to premiered all on schedule.

In other “Hold It Against Me” news, the demo of the single leaked out onto the internet yesterday. While I don’t really like judging demos, I will say that I hear the British influences and I would guess that Fraser T. Smith produced it. You can hear his past work as well as the other producers on Brit’s new album in my post about the sounds of the upcoming disc HERE. The songs a little underwhelming, but you really do need to wait to hear the final version to officially judge.

Britney also spoke out about the leak saying: “Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that’s good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday.” <<WAIT. Did I not just say that the tracks actually coming on Tuesday? Hmmm! What do you know? While we might get to hear it on Monday, it’s really coming Tuesday and has been all along.

Stick around here at Multidimensional Music, I got the insights the other blogs don’t. In the meantime, check out the demo below:

“Hold It Against Me” Demo For Britney Spears

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