Based on how popular my first Asian music post was, I decided to update you guys on the only group I’ve actually listened to (I plan to change that though!) The Wonder Girls. Being the first Korean act to break into the Hot 100 and getting some primetime promo on Wendy Williams, the girls are going to make to attempt to make a serious impact in America. Check out what’s going on:

The girls have taken breaks in Korea at the beginning and end of the year.  They left for the U.S on the 5th, and will be appearing at an event in Las Vegas.  They’ll then return to our base camp in New York to focus on their album preparations.  Their U.S. advancement project is still being created, and we’re aiming to release a new album within the first half of the year.


By already having mild success and a previous spot opening on The Jonas Brothers’ tour (which is news to me, thank you The Prophet Blog) there could definitely be an already established fanbase for The Wonder Girls with English speakers.

While we’ll have to wait to hear any new music (English or Korean) from the girls, 2011 will definitely be the year where we can truly test the power of KPop! Familairize yourself with the Korean cuties with their “Nobody” music video below and let me know if you’re excited for The Wonder Girls to hit America.

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  1. .:rednow:. says:

    Yes, i’m so excited! imo they haven’t make a huge impact for their US promotion, yet. i know it’s really hard in the US, but dont doubt their hardworks! will wait their full english album then.

  2. I agree they haven’t made much of an impact, but compared to other acts they’re miles ahead! I think they’ve done the ground work by gaining some fans and are now ready to take the US full on with their album. I’m waiting for it as well! Thanks for the comment, hope to see you post again!

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