For what could be one of 2011’s finest pop albums, Leighton Meester has finally shed a little more light on what the material could consist of. The singer/actress spoke about her experiences of playing the part of a young country singer who wrote songs from the heart, a trait Leighton took for her own music career:

Because of this movie, I started doing that for myself and writing music that speaks to me and is from my heart. And apparently, I’m really depressed.

Don’t worry though! She said that quote with a laugh, and while her already excellent music may be taking a more serious tone (and possibly a more acoustic sound), don’t expect it anytime soon unfortunately:

I just wrote a song at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The guitar has been a nice tool for me to be able to write. I want to release the music, but I’m not pressured to do it at the moment.

Leighton released her incredible debut single “Somebody To Love” featuring Robin Thicke which was a slick slightly haunting electropop track released in 2009 with a big backing from her hit TV show Gossip Girl. When the track unfortunately didn’t take off, and neither did the fun second single “Your Love’s A Drug,” despite hard work on Leighton’s part such as club tours and radio promo, news about her music career died out.

Leighton has confirmed that her album will be out in 2011, but with music possibly 2 years old, will it be an entirely revamped project or will it stay on the same track?

I have exclusive sources that tell me the main problem with Leighton’s music career is that her label wants her to be another Ke$ha in terms of the type of music she’s releasing (meaning catchy, easy dance/electropop…which is slightly heard in the second single, but nowhere near some radio hits nowadays) but Leighton is not interested seen from the unreleased tracks like her first single and several unreleased tracks floating around the internet. And with such a successful and lucrative acting career, why stick around for something that you’re not going to get your way with?

While Leighton could make one of the best pop albums of the year, it will all depend on if that album ever gets released. Maybe with the lyrical revamp she’s hinting at, we’ll see a Leighton that works for everyone. I need this album so let’s hope something works!

In the meantime, check out Leighton’s two (unjustly) failed singles below with the “Somebody To Love” video and then the track “Your Love’s A Drug.” Pop doesn’t get better than this!

“Your Love’s A Drug” Leighton Meester

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  1. David Alexander says:

    You seem very informed about Leighton’s music career and i’m having a hard time staying on track with it. Could you please keep me posted on what happens or is said about the album? Please. Leighton is amazing and her two single’s should’ve done way better on the charts. So is it for sure that LOVE IS A DRUG will be released in 2011? I will seriously die if this is album is never released!

    • Hey David! Like you, I am DYING for Leighton’s album which is why I’ll DEFINITELY be posting any new news I have about her music career so keep checking back for more music news! Supposedly Love Is A Drug WILL be released in 2011, as she said before, but this new interview makes me think it may be pushed back even more. Keep checkin back 😉 thanks for the comment!

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