Of the 40 million users that use Last.FM (a service that actively keeps track of the music you listen to, called ‘scrobbling,’ sign up if you haven’t!), there is some music that users would rather not let the world know they’re listening. While there’s the option not to scrobble the music, several users make the decision to delete the music after its already been scrobbled allowing to keep track of its users’ guiltiest pleasures.

Topping the list is the same artist who was actually the most scrobbled of 2010, Ke$ha, also had the most deleted scrobbles–19,546 to be exact. Coming in second place was the untamable Miley Cyrus with 10,948 deleted scrobbles.

Last.FM’s service range worldwide, which may be the reason Brazilian band Restart gets on the list with 3,963 deleted. Right on their tails is Britain’s musical queen Cheryl Cole with 3,898 deleted.

The most established act on the list, KISS, is another big American act on the list with 3,747 deletions with two more rock/pop acts Green Day (3,684) and Kings Of Leon (3,459) as well making the list.

Interesting how despite how successful some of these acts had in 2010, there is s still a large amount of people removing them from their online profiles. While some artists did have their struggles in 2010 (basically just Miley in this list), it seems more of the successful acts were being removed than those who had less than impressive years. Ke$ha, Kings Of Leon, and Cheryl all had huge years, as well as Green Day with their new Broadway musical out now; interesting statistics.

If you’re already on Last.FM make sure you add me (click here: MusicBizStudent) or if you haven’t, sign up for the service that offers weekly, monthly, yearly, and all-around song, album, and artist charts of exactly what YOU listen to!

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