Like I speculated earlier, there IS more to Jazmine Sullivan taking a break from music as an interestingly-timed song leaked out on the internet titled “I’m Not A Robot.” Over pretty sparse production and auto-tuned vocals, we hear Jazmine give some pretty honest lyrics claiming:

“I gotta get out of this program and find out who I really am; I’m not a robot.”

Interestingly this song is about leaving the program (the music industry), but the production is a very simple hip-hop/electronic beat (a trend in mainstream music) as well is almost completely autotuned (another trend). Jazmine seems to be making a statement not only with the unmistakable lyrics, but as well with the music itself.

There’s also slight hints that there is “someone” who might have made her compromise her artistic direction, thus turning her off to music.

One could speculate that this was leaked by Jazmine herself, but unless she has a slew of pissed-off songs at the industry, this could be the last music we hear from Jaz in awhile. Let’s hope that’s not the case though! She’s nominated for 2 Grammys, which will be revealed in a few weeks, will Jazmine come to this even or is she disappearing from anything music related?

“I’m Not A Robot” Jazmine Sullivan

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