Ke$ha has selected “Blow” as the next single to release off her new mini-album Cannibal. While the EP was not devoid of unique and boundary pushing music for pop’s least pretentious singer, it seems that the safe choice has once again been decided upon (more on that later). “Blow” is similar to her past hit “Take It Off” by both being dark, electropop numbers and makes sense that the label would look to keep a similar sound.

While Cannibal included interesting material including the urban “Sleazy,” the completely goofy “Grow A Pear,” pretty ballad “C U Next Tuesday” (which title I’m still trying to figure out exactly) and anthem-like title track, it seems that the masses will need to buy the EP if they want to see other sides of Ke$ha. Mark my words that the safe choice “Crazy Beautiful Life” will be the next single after “Blow.”

Ke$ha has already expressed concern about showing different sides of herself, but ultimately needing to listen to the label’s (RCA, which seems to have a stronghold when it comes to the singles artists release) choice. From her debut album Animal Ke$ha had wanted to release electronic ballad “Stephen” or the lyrically impressive title track, but ultimately the up-tempo safe choices were chosen. This seems to be the case again with “Blow,” which should prove to be a big hit (it charted at #97 on the Billboard Hot 100 earlier in 2010 when it was released as an iTunes promo single).

I actually love “Blow” since “Take It Off” was one of my favorite tracks off Animal (along with Stephen & Animal). Still my favorite Ke$ha tracks remains the criminally unreleased “Chain Reaction, which I’ve posted below as well as “Blow” underneath:

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