With the huge Asian music market creeping its way into America with the likes of Charice, Far East Movement, and The Wonder Girls being the first Korean act to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 (the catchy “Nobody” hitting #76), it would be foolish to ignore the big Asian releases that are more than likely going to end up hitting the US soon. The first of these new releases come from one of the hottest Japanese females Koda Kumi.

While the song “POP DIVA” (does anyone know why Asian artists sometimes have capitalized song titles?) is not a song that’s going to catch on in America anytime, there are some interesting music notes. The confident single’s got a similar underlying bass line similar to fellow Asian act “Like a G6,” which due to its huge success in America could give an indication of looking to break into the US soon. The single is half in English, half Japanese so even if you don’t speak the language there are still catchy, recognizable parts.

Japanese and Korean music (or as the popular music is called J-Pop and K-Pop) has a tradition of having more frequent releases but shorter promotion and in addition to working extremely hard–sometimes to a dangerous extent–could mean that we could see a whole reworking of music release and promotional schedules if these artists become the new big thing since several artists from these territories are planning full English releases with several big American producers taking interest–such as of The Black Eyed Peas wanting to help Korean girl group 2NE1 break into the US.

Above is the single cover (with some cocky lines written on the front) and below you can take a listen to the song:

“POP DIVA” Koda Kumi

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