Thanks to an electropop music makeover, Usher is once again king of the pop charts. While his actual urban and R&B singles struggle to make the Top 40, his (so obviously made for a radio hit) pop singles make certain there is no lack of Usher on mainstream radio. Songs like “OMG,” “DJ Got Us Falling In Love,” and upcoming single “More”(already one of the most added songs on Mediabase) keep Usher relevant on the music scene, and the comeback has been so successful with his Raymond V. Raymond album and then Versus EP, that he’s announced a new album will be coming in 2011. Check out what he told

I don’t plan on taking a long time or hiatus from music after [The OMG] tour, I do plan on coming right back. I don’t know exactly what type of musical experience it will be, but I’ll be right back with another musical experience to keep it alive.

While Usher is one of the better artists selling out to electropop by at least always including interesting R&B harmonizations on his vocals, one can’t help but think that he’ll continue to produce the same, mindless tunes he’s found such success in. While his urban/R&B singles do well on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts, they do not make the same impact the pop singles do and Usher doesn’t receive any recognition from them anyway meaning he’ll continue to perform those same pop songs, despite their lack of originality.

The most successful urban single from the Raymond/Versus project has been “Hot Tottie” featuring Jay-Z which is one of Usher’s best songs to date, but only reached a disappointing #21 (which may attributed to the high-profile feature) on the Billboard Hot 100 when “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” right before it hit #4. Here’s to not only hoping Usher can bring back the struggling R&B genre, but that he actually wants to.

Check out the overshadowed minor hit, “Hot Tottie” featuring Jay-Z and an uncredited Ester Dean below:

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