The beautiful and underrated Christina Milian is making moves in order to have a successful comeback by landing the February cover of Latina magazine. The cover, which hits stands next week, not only features the hot new mama but finally sees Christina breaking her silence about the cheating scandal that ended the marriage with producer The-Dream. The interview as well sees Christina talking about becoming a mom and what her 2011 will look like.

While I’ll reveal what she says musically when it comes out, I wanted to post not only to make my site look a little more attractive but to speak about her music career now. When Christina was attempting to make comebacks with this serially delayed fourth album, originally titled Dream In Color with the lead single “Us Against The World” to be released on MySpace Records, Christina had no outside forms of promotion; except for on MySpace (obviously) and any blog that mattered.

When “Us Against The World” obviously flopped (which was a very safe pop song but apparently too safe or just that no one knew Christina was making music) it was the same time she began seeing The-Dream who eventually took her under his wing. The relationship, which turned romantic, seemed perfect for everyone–Christina ended up with a deal with one of the best labels for promotion Interscope Records and some of the hottest records of her career produced by The-Dream, and he had one of the most attractive girls in the music industry who he eventually called his wife.

If the way he treated other underrated R&B singer and his first wife who bore 3 children for him Nivea was any indication, the “love” wasn’t going to be the lasting part of the marriage with The-Dream filing for divorce from Christina just 9 days before their daughter was born amidst photos he was cheating on his pregnant wife.

Regardless of what happened to them personally, the album (which was retitled Elope, which may or may not stand currently) is still in the process of being created with Christina working with other producers at the end of last year. Still it seems that Christina is getting herself back out there and rightfully using her hardship to land some high-profile gigs like this national magazine cover. Christina needs to continue big promo like this so when she does decide to drop that first single, everyone IS in fact checking for her and excited to hear.

The original first single for 2009 was a blazing hot record called “Zipper” that Christina previewed on a Tapemasters Inc. mixtape she hosted. To this day, music fans are still waiting for a full, untagged version to leak. Christina recently performed this song at a fashion show earlier this year. If she released this as the first single, would it be the right choice or is it too old at this point? I’ve wondered that and think that this song actually might be hot enough to bring as a single (maybe not the first, but that could work too) since it still hasn’t leaked in full. With a little remixing and tweaks, it could sound like something fresh.

Take a listen to the still unreleased in full “Zipper” below (and check out other Christina leaks from 2009 & 2010, you won’t be disappointed–like “Chameleon”) and let me know where you think Christina’s career is heading and if “Zipper” truly is the right single choice:

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