In what is apparently a new (exciting!) trend of the new year, several artists have been premiering new music as a New Years present for fans. From a website with simply his name and the question ‘Download?’ British electropop artist Frankmusik has uploaded a new song “Hurt You Again.”

The song’s production is top notch with moody electronic sounds embellished with oriental chimes that give the song a completely new and unexplored flavor. Along with some piercing violins on the hard-hitting chorus, production-wise this song is at the top. My complaint comes from Frankmusik’s vocals that come off as whiny, especially when he’s repeating the words “But I could never hurt you, I could never hurt you, hurt you again!” While he redeems himself with a strong belt at the end of the song, I find myself wishing the production would drown out his voice more (and it slightly does) when listening.

While it’s unknown what “Hurt You Again” is exactly for, it may be from its weak points that it may remain as a free download. Regardless, I’m once again interested in his upcoming sophomore album Do It In The AM, scheduled for release sometime this year. What do you think, am I being too picky about the vocals or does Frankmusik’s vocal chords have serious room for improvement?

Download “Hurt You Again” HERE.

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