Britney Spears is yet another artist looking to make her return in 2011. After taking creative control of her music with 2003’s In The Zone, becoming the executive director of her most experimental album Blackout in 2007, and then seemingly taking a step back in the creative chair but gaining chart dominance with Circus, this new album has the potential to go anywhere. The first single, rumored to be titled “Hold It Against Me” was originally announced to be premiering January 7th by the trusted Entertainment Weekly, but turned out not be true as Britney’s manager shot down the release date, though mentioning the single will be coming this month.

After gaining back not only her personal but professional life though at some costs (the singles released were noticeably less experimental than Blackout‘s material and the singer is still under the conservatorship of her father) Spears appears to be on a good track with a stable relationship, contact with her children, and several tweets about how pleased she is with this new album.

While I’ve never been the biggest Britney fan, I must say the current production line up is completely different and out of box to other American pop singers. While the results with Spears could be anywhere from gamechanging to completely mundane, I’ve compiled a list of the production team and inspirations that have leaked out at this point, along with audio and a little information.

“Unusual You” Britney Spears (produced by Bloodshy & Avent [Toxic]) according to a recent writing camp for Britney’s new album, the standout track of Circus was the starting point of inspiration in terms of material for the writers. The sensual, trancey track was voted on by fans as their favorite song by a poll done by Spears’ website, but nothing ever came of it. Regardless, if this is the beginning point for the album it can only get better right? Take a listen and get yourself warmed up HERE.

William Orbit (Madonna, Blur, Katie Melua, Nadine Coyle) Most well known for producing a majority of Madonna’s Ray Of Light album (take a listen to the album’s first single “Frozen” below), Orbit has just recently returned to the production booth with only a select few artists. Orbit tweeted to a fan to “expect the unexpected” in regards to Britney music. Orbit could make anything from a “Ray Of Light” to anything like yet another one of 2010’s best “The Flood” by Katie Melua (the second song). Very exciting!

Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Cher, Sugababes) Britney recorded a demo to their song “Graffiti My Soul” (the first song posted below) that was passed on by Britney’s camp passed on, and eventually went to Girls Aloud. It looks like this time the collaborations going to happen. Also check out “Something Kinda Oooh” by Girls Aloud from 2006.

Fraser T. Smith (Taio Cruz, Tinchy Stryder, James Morrison, Ellie Goulding, Craig David) Another big British name like Xenomania, Fraser has mainly worked with electro pop, R&B, or rap males, making Spears one of the biggest female names he’s worked with. He produced #1 single “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, but since I’m sure you’re sick of that song already, so I give you the less popular but even hotter “Dirty Picture” featuring the always dirty Ke$ha.

Rusko (M.I.A; Rihanna, T.I.) The dubstep musician just made his production debut on M.I.A.’s summer album, but Britney has already snatched him up. Rusko is in part responsible for one of 2010’s best singles (and my 8th most played song of the year) with “XXXO” (below) and could bring Spears into the upcoming dubstep genre for this album.

So that’s a quick sonic preview of the inspiration and production means of Britney Spears’ upcoming 6th album. Are you excited? Did you find some new music? Who do you like and who do you not? Is this album going to be big or turn out to be a misstep? Share your thoughts below!

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