One of the year’s most anticipated Avril Lavigne is back and doesn’t want anything serious.Avril premiered the first single of the project, “What The Hell,” with a performance at Dick Clark (posted below). And today only, is giving away the song as a free download.

Avril discussed with Entertainment Weekly the song in comparison to the rest of album saying:

The song is more pop and uptempo and kind of reminiscent of my old stuff, and the rest of the record is more stripped and raw and a little deeper. So this album is less pop-rock than the previous stuff, but the first single is a more like that.

The sassy sound has a more electro-sounding production (not unsimilar to one version of fellow punk/pop rocker Patrick Stump’s “Spotlight (New Regrets)”) has the recognizable claps and shout-singing of 2007’s “Girlfriend,” but with a definitely rock edge and sound that is front and center.

The vocals are an interesting piece to dissect by being interestingly layered and harmonized on the verse, and then flip-flopping from singing to talking on the chorus. The chorus gains big points with Avril effortlessly pulling off the runs, showing a clear step up vocally. With a catchy “Yeah yeah, yeah yeah” on the verses, fun lyrics about messing around and letting out her bad girl side, and then simply having the word “Hell” in the title, Goodbye Lullaby has a lot going for it to make it a big single and obvious choice to bring Avril back into the mainstream spotlight. What will be interesting is to see how the rest of the singles, if they truly are different to WTH, turn out to be. Or if all does not go according to plan we could see an album push back and/or Avril sticking out her tongue at her record label at releasing such a mainstream single.

But TODAY you can download the song guilt-free from her Soundcloud account below, or if you’d rather in return for a ‘Like’ on Facebook, you can get the song there with other exclusive Avril content. Are you feeling “What The Hell” or are you more excited for the stripped back music?

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