Well this should make a lot of pop fan’s 2010 end on a sweet note. Justin Timberlake, who has given clear signs that he is in no rush to return to the music scene anytime soon riding high off finally hitting gold with his movie career in a supporting role in The Social Network, had a song leak today being called “Take You Down.” While no official title or information has come out yet, the song boasts a signature beat by frequent collaborators The Neptunes.

If fans were hungry for new Justin, this should suffice them for the time being! While it may be a little underwhelming as a return single, “Take You Down” sure offers a lot. With a tribal drum intertwined with a synthesizer, contributing female vocals, and Justin’s on-point harmonies, this song’s production is top-notch. Additionally with an atypical pre-chorus that solely uses the words “Lift Your Glass, Bring It Up!” with interesting vocalizings til the repeating chorus of “I’m going take you down, down…” it isn’t the most memorable hook by a mile, but somehow its insanely catchy. The production is more complicated than most pop songs, having different ad-libs and vocals intertwined with the production but that makes it all the more interesting and better song.

The song may prove to be a demo for another artist, but the leaked track is in high quality and seems to show Justin giving his all. Time will only tell if 2011 will truly be the year Justin follows up with his game-changing FutureSex/LoveSongs that was released 4.5 years ago. Definitely recommended to listen:

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