M.I.A. has given her listeners an early New Years present by presenting her new first mixtape since 2004’s “Piracy Funds Terrorism Volume 1” with the new “Vicki Leekx.” The obvious nod to WikiLeaks, which in true mixtape form is one continuous 36-minute mp3, includes bits from her summer release /\/\/\Y/\, but mostly new music and beats that some listeners may find more enjoyable than the actual album.

On the tape you’ll hear production from Maya’s previous collaborators like Diplo, Switch, Blaqqstar, and Rusko plus new collaborations with Danjahandz and unknown producers So Japan & XIIVIIX.

The mixtape starts with smaller cuts and /\/\/\Y/\ samples for the first “tracks” and the tape truly becomes enjoyable after the the 11:30 mark at the “Vicki Intermission,” going into a hard hitting 3-minute cosmic dubstep track “Gen N-E-Y.” Another highlight of the tape comes at the 17:27 in what seems to be a not-so-subtle jab at today’s pop stars with “Marsha/Britney.” If anyone knows what that hilarious “Yeah” sample is please share!

The “Vicki Leekx” mixtape comes fresh off M.I.A. recently releasing a new picture of herself with new blonde hair, most likely pulled as inspiration from the children of the Soloman Islands as she posted a picture of them before hers. Fellow musician Amerie also credited her former blonde hair to the unusual hair/skin combinations found at the island.

Below the cut check out a picture of M.I.A.’s new do as well as as link for the mixtape. It seems that “Vicki Leekx” will be here to stay since once you download the tape, the artist automatically credited to the tape is “Vicki Leekx” and an e-mail from the artist as well. M.I.A. has previously talked about the struggle she feels from being a part of a major label (XL, same home to Adele, Vampire Weekend, The XX, Peaches, and Radiohead, her last album was released in conjunction with her N.E.E.T. label) not allowing her complete freedom, but how she needs them to get her music to the masses. Could Vicki Leekx be the way to let Maya’s uninhibited side out? We’ll see since even M.I.A.’s first mixtape was credited to her name. Regardless, the tape is definitely work checking out especially for the “black” section of music (seen in the tracklisting after the jump).

What’s your take on the new mixtape & Vicki Leekx?





DOWNLOAD: “Vicki Leekx Mixtape” M.I.A.

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