A new Eminem track, “Cocaine” has leaked confirming that Jazmine Sullivan was the featured singer on the track. A snippet of the song hit the internet earlier this week, some sites claiming it was Alicia Keys and others claiming it was in fact Jazmine. If you heard the snippet (and are a fan of the upcoming diva), you could hear some of Jazmine’s signature ad-libs, but the snippet did admittedly sound a bit like Ms. Keys.

Regardless, in this high-profile collaboration for Jazmine, the two tell the story of being hungry for fame in the emotional track comparing to the limelight to cocaine. The song fits perfectly with one of the best tracks from Jazmine’s sophomore album released in November Luv Me Back, “Famous.”

While you can definitely understand Eminem’s connection to seeing fame as a drug (and an ultimate downfall), it is interesting to see Jazmine take on this similar viewpoint. Especially with her song “Famous” you’d wonder just what she has experienced in her comparatively short 2-year career thus far.

Still, “Cocaine” marks yet another big move for Jazmine to end her 2010. Not only did Jazmine release Luv Me Back to universal acclaim, she was also named Billboard’s 2010 Rising Star (following Lady GaGa who earned the award in 2009). While Luv Me Back has not proved a similar succsess as her debut album Fearless (which debuted in Top 10 and spawned two Top 40 singles–both of which the next album did not attain) a collaboration with Eminem is a huge step in the right direction to not only retain her dignity critically but also can bring her to the pop and urban masses. It is unknown where the track is from or what is it for, but if it is material for a Recovery re-release this could be very big for Sullivan.

Check out Em and Jaz’s “Cocaine” here as well as the similar subject album track “Famous” by Jazmine under the cut.

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