Chris Brown, who is seemingly in the process of image recovery after obtaining two Top 20 singles (one even being from a mixtape), has announced on his Twitter page that he and hot male R&B/pop singer of the moment Bruno Mars are set to collaborate on a track soon. Now that would be all fine and dandy if Breezy didn’t go to the extreme lengths of calling it:

like 2011 ELVIS and MICHAEL…gonna be a movie!!!!

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson is Chris’ main inspiration (and on one of the tracks “Yesterday” where he was featured on Diddy – Dirty Money’s new album Last Train To Paris, he sounds shockingly similar to the late King Of Pop) but is Chris once again going too far by calling himself a 2011 version of Michael and then also Bruno as the 2011 version of Elvis?

I don’t know if he would find even greater success if he hadn’t had his entire bout of controversy and horrible press with the Rihanna incident in 2009, but when a song that like “Yeah 3x,” which was so obviously created just for a Top 40 radio smash, only peaks at #19, its clear there is still so animosity towards Chris. My advice would be for him to keep his mouth shut (or his fingers off Twitter?) and let the music do the talking, like “Deuces” did. Because a #1 R&B single and Grammy nomination later…

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